Dramafestival: Skypesamba


You are far from me. I don't know you, nor you me, no meeting yet or about to, if we both dare to meet, before, during and after.

I guess I'm just scared of the power-relations. Like withdrawal and ignore, anger and despair... It's all part of it and more - like the joy and seduction, the vanity, the self-seeking love, the dancer sex, the rapture, the compliments, on the edge of completion, extreme joy and intense hate.

What's our bubble? A new nostalgia? A way to go. Healing song and virtual reality. A bubble freed from the urge to express; inside-outside-inside-outside glowing darkness.

Skypesamba is an invitation to meeting new people, transforming the triangle into a pyramid of new friends. We Skype friends from other parts of the world so that they can be there too. It has become like a fractal>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Some have the force
because they have been with us before.
We design a path starting from individual peripheries, going into a grand meeting, and right at that moment of togetherness, of completion, we leave each other as renewed particles when the periphery calls us back again.

To be continued.



  • Campo Nieuwpoort Nieuwpoort 31-35 9000 Gent