De kousen van De Keyser

Between 1966 and 1976, Raoul De Keyser produced about thirty works in which a sock pops up. This simple and jolly motif is pictured in paintings and drawings, developed in silk-screen prints, water colours and a litho, its shape ranging from soccer socks to cycling socks, next to long blue socks on a clothes line and a minimal little soccer sock in a wide white colourfield. All of these paintings and paper works have now been collected into a publication for the very first time, in conjunction with related documents from the artist’s personal archive, such as studio pictures, notes made by the artist and photographs of soccer socks. In addition to reproductions of the paintings by Hilde D’haeyere, the book also contains texts by Roland Jooris, Steven Jacobs and Paul Demets, putting the sock motif in an art-historical and poetic perspective.



De Keyser’s Stockings

20 × 27 cm
64 pages
38 illustrations
edition of 400
compiled by Hilde D’haeyere and Liene Aerts
texts Roland Jooris, Steven Jacobs and Paul Demets
graphic design Kahil Janssens
publisher BOEKS, 2019
ISBN 9789491564147