Masters cello recital exam

Arpenik Hakobyan

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  • On Friday June 19th , I invite everyone to be present at my graduation exam recital of Cello . During this concert I will be performing compositions from various composers of contemporary period.


    Sofia Gubaidulina's preludes for solo cello.

    for violoncello solo
    1. staccato - legato
    2. legato - staccato
    3. con sordino - senza sordino
    4. ricochet
    5. sul ponticello - ordinario - sul tasto
    6. flagioletti
    7. al taco - da punta d'arco
    8. arco - pizzicato
    9. pizzicato - arco
    10. senza arco
    Duration: 20'
    First performance: 12 December 1977, Moscow
    Vladimir Tonkha
    Publishing rights: Sikorski, Hamburg, for the world except CIS
    Scores: SIKORSKI 1839 - Sovetsky Kompozitor Publishers, Moscow - Zen-On Music

    Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, Opus 6, by Samuel Barber is a sonata for cello and piano. It is in the key of C minor.

    1) Allegro ma non troppo
    2) Adagio
    3) Allegro appassionato

    Alexander Arutiunian

    Expromt, for cello & piano

    Jazz standards and Improvisation

    Bio / Credits

    Arpenik Hakobyan was born in September 24th, 1987. At an age of eight, Arpenik begun her first musical studies in a musical school after S. Aslamazyan, in a cello and piano classes. At the age of twelve Arpenik continued her studies in a secondary specialized musical school after P.I. Tchaikovsky with professor Medea Abrahamyan and received stipendium of the school for gifted young musicians. At the age of sixteen Arpenik continued her higher academic education in the Yerevan State University of Theatre and Cinematography as an actress, in the class of A.Elbakyan. After two years of studying, Arpenik continued her studies in USA and Europe.
    From 2009 Arpenik begun her cello studies with Belgian National Orchestra soloist O. Leka at the Royal Antwerp Conservatory. In 2012 Arpenik continued her cello studies with German professor, Belgian soloist J. Ermert at the Gent Conservatory Hogeschool Gent. In 2013 she graduated her undergraduate degree and continued her studies in Master program of Gent conservatory. In 2008 Arpenik participated in SEWANEE summer music festival as a cellist in intense chamber and solo performance.
    Same year Arpenik took part in MSA Choir and Orchestra project, Directed by O. Ovejero, as a principal cellist in Bern, Switzerland.
    In 2009 Arpenik took part in USC World Jazz Symphony project, directed by S. Jacobson, as a cello soloist in SC, USA. Same year was a principal cellist of Symphony project with Aalbeke wind orchestra, directed by W.Vandamme, In Roubaix, France. From 2010 and current is a member of Belgium base band “Arax”. From 2010 and current is a special guest of Armenia base rock band “Dorians”. Currently is a special guest with Armenia base brass band “Nooz”.
    Currently Arpenik is working and developing her own project and CD production in a various genres, where she represents the composer, singer, cellist all at once. Arpenik Participated in many different gigs, concerts and master classes since 2008 with various artist such as Glenn Hughes (Black Sabbath), Derek Sherinian,(Dream Theater) Serj Tankian,(SOAD) Alain Meunier, Louis Claret, Maria Kliegel, Natalia Gutman
    Currently Arpenik is recording and producing her first CD project, where she is collaborating with Khachik Sahakyan(Time report, keyboards, arrangement) , Vardan Arakelyan(bass), Arman Jalalyan(ANB,Katuner.Dorians, drums), Tigran petrosyan(singer),Yervand Margaryan (trumpet, flugelhorn, ANB,Armenian National Jazz Band (ANJB)Soloist Lieder,Reprise,Con Alma) Dan Lacksman(mixing specialist), Alan Ward(Mastering specialist), Arman Pahlevanyan(keyboards, arrangement), Tigran Ter Stepanyan (guitar), Artur Sogoyan (jazz guitar) and herself (cello, voice, composition).
    Arpenik Is a Belgium , Armenia and USA based artist.





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