Tamam Shud - He is dead, and he is going to die

Jeroen Vranken

master fotografie

  • In 1948 a man was found on a beach in Somerton, Australia. He was killed by an unknown poison and had a note in his pocket that read "Tamam Shud", which is Persian for "finished" or "ended". Later they found his suitcase in the train station. It contained clothing, a toothbrush, some bills and some very strange coded notes that they can't decipher to this day. Even after years of thorough investigation, the man remains unknown.

    It is a story I always tell people when they ask me about my father. A man I know as a name my mother looked for in the papers recently deceased section. He washed up upon my shore two years ago, in the form of a box full of objects. Bills from hotels, a comb, some stickers from his racecars... Objects my mother kept. I started to photograph all these objects, interviewing my mother about them and returning to the places they originated from, to document these as well. All in attempt to construct an idea of who my father was and the marks he left.




  • Mekhitar Garabedian
  • Anna Luyten
  • Dirk Braeckman