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No performance please. Concerning the impossibility of excluding performances

  • With SOILcollective and Rosa Sijben
    Curated by Tebeac / graduation exhibition
    The performative artist performing an object performed by the audience. The performative object performing an audience performed by the artist. The performative audience performing the artist as performed by the object.

    Performativity is everywhere.

    The society we all function in today, characterized by individuality and a high performance culture, demands for constant performativity. Consciousness regarding this need to prove ourselves is growing, making us all performers in one great big show of constructed versions of who we are.

    So how does this relate to the visual arts? What is the role of the contemporary artist, the contemporary art object and the contemporary art audience in relation to this notion of performativity? A question we unravel with Rosa Sijben at BUDA arts centre and SOILcollective in These Things Take Time.

    Rosa Sijben at
    BUDA arts centre, Courtrai
    4 July–27 September 2015

    collective at
    These Things Take Time, Ghent
    24-29 June 2015

    Bio / Credits

    Curated by:
    Wouter De Vleeschouwer
    Loes Jansen
    Robin Legge
    Riet Meeus
    Evelyn Simons
    Jeroen Staes
    Pamela Stuyck
    Anneleen Swillen
    Charlotte Vandenborre
    Stéphanie Vandenecker
    Isabel Van Bos
    Lenja Van Laeken
    Emma van Wolferen
    Eva Wijnant

    Guided by:
    Pieternel Vermoortel (FormContent)